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"The Achilles Heel"

The last part of this great journey we have shared, the road from North to South,  has possibly been one of the most difficult of all. All the forces and the concerns of the road had been accumulated, reflections, interpretations of reality, about what we were doing, with whom, and much confusion and confrontation with oneself were becoming ​​present.The closer we are to the Divinity, more darkness, inner and outer, surrounds us to test our integrity and our predisposition to the Plan.

In my case, I'm still processing things that someday I will tell more carefully, what led me to be unable to write about the trip, because, at one point, the walker changed, grew up and began to live the step by step in a different way, which, at this point, still removes my interior leaving me unstable to share with everyone what I really would like to share at this time.El Calafate, a town that represents the gates of one of the wonders of South America, the Perito Moreno Glacier, represents the region of the gastrocnemius muscle and the heel, that is, the weakest point of our body, the Achilles Heel.

Arriving there has put all of us in a constant review, an introspection that generated such a conflict to the point of removing all the masks that were making us reach, without facing ourselves, to the maximum south.Ushuaia was close, and we could not enlighten the consciousness we were carrying without facing the density that was also coming with us.The Path from North to South was coming to an end ... but not only this one that we have created in 2012, but a journey that we have started 26,000 years ago, and another one that we continue since 12,000 years ago.   

Suddenly, all these stories came over me, all my memories started to crush me. We were arriving to Rio Grande, the place that, in our foot, represents the Commitment to Oneself. How far we were willing to advance? Were we doing this for ourselves or for other ones?What were we willing to let go in order to fulfill our Mission? 
The overwhelming questions flooded our days, which every day became longer because of the summer approach. Suddenly I looked straight ahead, as many have done, and had only three days in front that separated us from a cycle that we started thousands of years ago, from the beginning of a new one. Those of us who remember, the very idea of seeing ourselves standing in such position makes us feel in a terrifying abyss of uncertainty ... Did we made it as the Universe needed it? 


At the Great Woman's foot sole, at the end of the world inhabited by human society, lays the southernmost city in the world: Ushuaia.
In the body, represents the Commitment to the Mission. There, we would know if we were really willing to give up everything.
Many problems arose along the way, both emotional and economic, with planes delays, conflicts with the flight to Antarctica, and all them were testing us.

Since about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago, I had been personally building a road that could be a meaningful way of understanding for all, so that we could together design and sustain the new frequency generated by the New Humanity, and now all that effort was being tested by emotions and frustration, the two biggest battles of Today's Humanity.

Despite this, the Universe never confronts us with tests that we are not willing to overcome. The trip has made all of us grow, deal with the thousands facets of others, of ourselves, and how our bit can make the harder mission be accomplished. Looking out the window at the Beagle Channel, between Argentina and Chile, all those evils seized my body, which let itself drop possibly in one of the last battles with my interior, as well as with the others' interior. While different inner battles were being fought, there, at the Hotel Lobby, the afternoon of December 20, 2012, a strange darkness entered my body. 

While this was happening, 9 women were doing a containment and release two meters behind me, and they set out to free it.  Between songs and drums, this being was fighting to confuse me, testing my strength. I could not cross to the Pure Continent with fears, pains, resentments, I had to heal them all together and smile as we all should do ... trust. 

Until then, two of the people who should travel with us that evening, were stranded with my family on the same flight to Ushuaia, unable to leave the stop in El Calafate ... Right there, we were all tested.While this battle was going on, they struggled with their fears and frustrations. One of them carried the last Towei Lumbar, the only one that my hands had never possessed, and that key would be the one that will connect all the other ones.        

TOWEI LUMBAR Nº 1 or 51…

In January 2012, when we went to get the first 25 keys, unwillingly one of them, the first one, the first model done, was never delivered.
The Craftsman had been taking care of it and couldn´t ever let it go.Every time we delivered a key in the world, something was attracting the frequency to Capilla del Monte, what always surprised me, but then I understood. Having already delivered most of the keys, with very few in my custody, I find out the story of the first one key, which had never left where it was forged.
The key number 1 or 51 was the one that unites all the others, the first one to be made, the one that everyone saw in the first pictures, over a white quartz with flowers...

That's why that key was to be delivered in the most pure place where all the energy is directed. Only the Craftsman could deliver it; in one way or another, only he, its smith, could free it. That is why he was one of those who would go with us to Antarctica ... but he was now stranded in the Achilles Heel.

When the decision had to be taken, that fight was taking place inside me ... the one who was taking the first step, opening the way, also had to clean it first, so we can pass by.

It was so that, under the pressure of not being able to fulfill the mission, because of the key that was not arriving due to the plane that could not leave because of the weather, being unable to close the trip's payment that very day ... and many more questions, this being that was inside me made its last attempted to dominate me and make me fall at its feet. But the 9 women, with their strength, woke up a great spirit that presented itself, dispelling all darkness. With just a few words reminded me what I was doing there, why we were all there, why each of you had started this journey ...

The  Moon had told us........the Earth needed us, and every time we looked at the Moon, it reminded us. Therefore, the full moon of February 7, 2012, at the middle of the night, between the ice and snow, Harwitum began in the mountains of Montserrat, where the energy of the Wizard Merlin in British English prepared us for this great trip. 


 At that moment, his words were heard by all, there at the Ushuaia's hotel, and, raising the frequency, he reminded me and reminded us: "When the cold spreads in the outside, you must remember that fire only lies in your inside ". That fire grew, and gave back a smile in all. The ones that were present there did what they had to do. The light and the awareness of the thousands of people that were there, you, the ones who brought us to the end of the world, began to build a Lighthouse there, at the End of the known Lands, which extended the consciousness to one of the hardest and coldest oceans of the world.


Merlin said: "I´ll be waiting for you on the other side"

At that point, everything had been resolved. The people that should go lit before my eyes, people who had long been prepared for this task ... they were not persons with knowledge, but pure souls, of smiles, of freedom, of innocence.The plane coming from El Calafate would be arriving just when we would be departing to Chile to catch the plane to Antarctica. And that led them to take a decision ... The Key of Consciousness would be the first key that would came alone, being delivered from the air by unknown persons. The Craftsman handed the key and was the pilot of the plane of the national airline who, in a small envelope, brought to Ushuaia the last key of all.

That evening of December 20 we received the key from the airline's hands, in a small envelope, the Towei Lumbar.After requesting permission to elementals and having gotten all means to get to Chile (which were increasingly impossible), we find the best choice of all: the Helicopter.

 Toward the White Continent 

The sunrise of December 21 received us the best possible way. We were 6 people who should travel to Antarctica, I did not know why, there was a reason but I did not understand yet. Many people offered to go, but were falling down; other ones I knew, because of the frequency, they were not who might be there cause they had to do other task. surrounds you. I have placed seeds within you, but now it's your job to take care of it and make it grow ... Remember my friends, magic does not exist ... because life is the magic ... "Suddenly, everything had changed and, within hours, the people that should go were ready.In Punta Arenas, Seba and Mariano took the same flight we would board two hours later in Puerto Williams. Seba had come from the U.S. and Mariano, his brother-in-law and singer of Dread Mar I (Reggae band), had cancelled two or three concerts to be there that day (when actually his desire was to go to Russia).

From Argentina were coming I, Matias, opening the way and Eimi, who would record the last step.On the other hand, with a pure smile, on those days of February 7 in Barcelona I met Vanessa, from Brazil, in the Church of the Holy Family and now, without thinking, she had reached Ushuaia.From Spain, building the Love Bridge since 11:11 in Capilla del Monte, was Arminda. The three wombs of our new world were being represented by women inside that small plane: Spain, Brazil and Argentina ... Arminda, Vanessa and Eimi.

We the three men were providing the movement, laughter and containment of the task to be performed.Suddenly, the trip became a constant laughter and so I realized what I have been saying all year: it is important to laugh, laugh elevates us to higher frequencies we can not even imagine.During our trip and stance in Antarctica, laughter was the key along all day December 21. It was inevitable to think that, in some way, we reached there consciously to keep, from land that connects all the lands, the laughter and happiness frequency to impregnate with it the network that we have created, and every frighten, anxiety, fear, or negativity that could be moving around the created network can become happiness and joy.


King George Island

Soon, it became visible a coast unimagined. Ice and glaciers between dark and icy cliffs ruled and surrounded the earth airstrip on the island that crowns the white continent. Here occurred a paradox.Our journey together, the Harwitum Path, began in Montserrat under the history of Knight George or San Jordi, as they call him there. His story, in a nutshell, tells of a Knight who came from far away after the battle of the Crusaders and, by reaching Europe, he finds the problem that a big Dragon wanted to dominate the region and, to calm down, it requested to eat the princess. This Maiden was to be delivered to the Dragon, but Jorge appeared and fought the Dragon till he killed it. In return, the knight married the maid, becoming a King.

In Montserrat, Merlin had told us that the Knight was the walker who launches into the pilgrimage in search of helping others and find himself. His exploits make him a knight, but there is a mission that is the most difficult: Helping to Mother Earth. The maiden finds herself surrounded by a Dragon's absurd fire that today we call Emotions. The knight must learn to control his emotions and, only this way, he can save the maiden. This way he could be crowned in purity. And now, right at this moment, all men, wherever we are along the world, we were approaching the World Crown chakra, Antarctica, just to an island whose name changed that knight into a King. George now was recognizing his Crown and the emotions were being transcended to live the purest emotion of all: the fullness of happiness.

Because of the time we lost to get from Ushuaia to Puerto Williams, we would not have much time to do our job in the white continent.

Only 1 ½ hours between arrival and departure we had available to do EVERYTHING.We arrived and we were still laughing even more strongly. Although the surprise left us without sigh for a moment. By opening the doors of the plane, our Chilean guide was waiting for us. His image, white-bearded, thin, with an old man gaze and strange character, but especially his appearance, was shocking for everyone ... That man was the spitting image of the Wizard Merlin. "I wait for you on the other side," he said. Undoubtedly.


The South Patagonian represents in the world the connection of the Consciousness, the point where the whole consciousness of Mankind is driven by magnetism till where the last towns and cities rise. While the Antarctic Peninsula represents the finger of the Divine. As in that Michelangelo painting, the Man and God are connected by the tips of their fingers ... from the South American side, between Chile and Argentina, the fingers of that hand extend to touch the Divine Antarctic fingertip at King George Island.


While in Ushuaia a group of people were ready to make the delivery of the last Towei Lumbar key, we, in Antarctica, between ice and penguins, were looking for the best place to make the connection with you all. A beautiful ice fungus appeared on the coast of the island of the Penguins where, naturally, we set out to attract the frequency from all around the world. There, we connected using elements and materials with the energies of the seven chakras.

Without questioning, each one took his/her place. Our smiles, our connection with the net in that cold landscape, prepared us to deliver that key without even look at it. While Arminda, Mariano, Seba and I were holding the frequency from the fungus, Vanessa purged in her purity the intention of the Key that connects with all the others, and, this way, she could deliver it to the icy Antarctic waters.
At that time, our permanence period was expiring and our guide Merlin, (whose real name is Alejo Contreras and is one of the first men to reach the South Pole) was approaching to make us rush before the airplane left.

But soon, when the six were in a circle, an entity started talking. A being of the intraterrestrial cities that million years ago were founded in Antarctica, with a motherly tone and smoothness, began talking with a smile about the network, about the labor, welcoming us to the doors of her world.

She said, among many things, that all the world's intraterrestrial cities will respond to the connection, that thousands of people on the surface must recognize them and work together again. And she said: the 7 continents are reflected in the 7 present humans ...At that time, in silence, Alejo was behind us, in a slight meditation, standing, with his hands and palms holding the six of us.  He waited for our return to the physical world, and led us to the boat back to the landing strip.

Laughing and happiness, we threw everything we have brought to the waters: quartzes, wands, crystals, and everything that should stay there to physically anchor everybody's consciousness. On the way back, we got on the plane and, looking out the window, we realized we had been for an hour and a half in Antarctica, and for more than 45 minutes we had had our eyes closed ... That felt a little absurd, but we were confident that the work did not need more than an hour to be done. The December 21 was not yet over, and it seemed that there was still much to be done ... The plane was about to depart and, while taking off, suddenly stopped. We all felt scared. They tried to take off again, but again had the same problem. Suddenly we were in an uncertainty, especially since the track ended in a cliff ...The pilot turns to us and with a sorry face says, "I'm afraid we'll have to stay here"


For our happiness, the hydraulic fluid was failing (ie the human flexibility, in a more essential interpretation)Suddenly, we got off the plane, and our face was the happiest we've ever imagined. We were suddenly stranded in Antarctica. We did not know when we could come back ... but that did not matter to usWe were on the land more expected in the most-awaited date, on the longest day of the year in a place where the sun does not set. Our work in this continent had not ended. Alejo (our Chilean Merlin), rising to its Swedish truck for ice, said: "This happened to the pilots because they did not respect what you came to do" ...The man who had spent 30 years in Antarctica knew what he was talking and knew what we were doing ...With him we visited the glaciers, we played, laughed, we helped at the base, met other bases, and at the very end, on December 22, something incredible happened.

The Russian Church 

Next to the Chilean base, just 1 and a half km away, lays the Russian base. It overlooks the bay where the key was delivered, and, above all, is not the basis which has the best view but, on the hill, worthy of a Tim Burton movie, a small Russian Orthodox Church. Mariano at that time could not believe it. Long ago everything was leading him to a Russian church: gifts that he had received, signs that had arrived to him, were all calling him to travel to Russia to find a Russian church, but he did not know why. That was what made ​​him hesitate to go to Antarctica when Russia was destiny he was awaiting. But there it was, the only church of Antarctica, made ​​entirely of wood, without nails, and standing as a guardian on the Russian base.
The signals had indicated him a Russian church, but had not said where ...

We walked towards its doors that afternoon, and the six of us entered.Suddenly, the small inside became one of the largest palaces, of gold, colours, pictures, thousands of details ... and my astonishment was increasing.In that tiny chapel lay all the symbols, signs, emblems, cultural signs, historical signs and guides that we had along the Harwitum Path. That small chapel seemed to be a summary of the whole trip we had done. A quite cinematographic way to end a road like this ...And on one side, a beautiful picture of the patron saint of the island: Saint George. There was the knight on a white horse, killing the dragon.Time stopped inside there, until such time that Merlin spoke again, this time he gave us a message to each one, and another for all. His words were many and in an Old English, however some of them have marked the cycle of what we have begun ...


"The road has just begun, my friends ... you must remember that fire is within you, and making it shine you may cover the darkness that
surrounds you. I have placed seeds within you, but now it's your job
to take care of it and make it grow ...

Remember my friends, magic does not exist ... because life is the magic ... "

Now I understood what he had said on that February moon, sitting on the ice ... "cold does not exist, only the fire within you; smile and ignite it " ... Our journey would culminate in one of the coldest places on the planet, and there our smile must light the fire that would made us ignite the world. 

The laughs will elevate us to
the higher dimension 
we desire ... 


The last full moon 

After returning to Ushuaia for Christmas, and a long drive back home later on December 26, we had a stop that was mandatory: Tandil.We carried with us earth of Ushuaia and Antarctica, lands that could not miss on our Tree of Life. We arrived at Tandil on the 28th by the afternoon, after travelling by car nearly 3,000 km from Ushuaia . That same night, coincidentally and unbeknownst to us, there was organized a full moon meditation, the last one in 2012. Upon arrival, a group of about 70 people were surrounding the tree, the monument we created and gave life on 12.12.12 in the uterus of the Great Woman.

Incredibly, as I was told ... the trip would end when the moon is full in the sky. The task was not completed, because the two most important earths were missing to complete the circle of life in Tandil. At the time when the people of Tandil finished with their part of the work at the sunset, I set out to make the delivery of both lands. In a time when neither the sun nor the moon  were in our eyes, we did together, with sounds and full intention, the delivery of the last earths. 

At the precise moment that the Antarctic earth was delivered, the full moon began to emerge over the hills illuminating the sky. Its light bathed us all, and hypnotized us. There was the last moon of all, the last of the great cycle and great year we have created.Really, Life was the Magic.Finally, the task I had been planning since thousands of years ago could be fulfilled and, in some beautiful and fascinating way, had recommenced.

Together, since millennia in human history, somehow we have built this moment, this magic that is our life, all intertwined ones with the others, creating between each other realities if we simply decided to start moving. If only one person moves the path, the rest will start walking. It is time now that we all start walking. We have put together the foundation and the connection of the basic points to gestate a net that, in another level, allows us to unite the bonds of history to create a new one.It is time now to start moulding that world. The keys were handed over, and the doors began to open ... is our decision now to cross through those doors. 

Are you willing to do it? 

If so, welcome to the New Time, to the New Earth ... we have a whole huge world to transform, and this path has just begun. 


domingo, 9 de septiembre de 2012

Encuentros en AMÉRICA


During the months of July, August, and September we will travel through 8 South American cities and 8 Iberian cities to connect:

 The Seventh´s Chakra Network
with the Heart´s expansion.

These eight cities are meeting spots were we propose to gather and to flow tuned with the labour proposed by these lands’ energy.

We will detail these cities as follows, and we will update this info regarding the public Encounters we will hold.


July 25th, at 10 am
At Americas’ Bridge
(Puente de las Américas
(On the Panama City side)

Y de allí nos desplazaremos hacia
 el Puente Centenario

click en la imagen para mas info sobre el encuentro

We will connect the Americas on the Mayan Day Out of
Time, taking the Eagle and the Condor feathers around
the Panama Channel, the place where both Americas join
and separate at the same time.

We will give our Intend to anchor the Conscience there to
unite the mind and the Heart, delivering the Towei lumbar
Key and the Feathers of both sacred birds to the Channel.

July 28th, at 4 pm
At the Top of the Avila Mount
(Monte Ávila)
In the National Park “El Ávila”

click en la imagen para mas info sobre el encuentro
From the land that represents the transmutation of
the Energies that enter to South America, we will give
the Intend top purge all the Light current brought by
our Conscience Path around the World, to enter to the
Southern hemisphere cleaned by the Violet Flame, at
Mount Aila, where the Oneness Etheric Temple is located,
ruled by Saint Germain´s Essence, the Master of this Flame.

And so we will thrive this healing and regeneration of the
Light Serpent from the lands where the Andes are born.

August 1st, 12 am
At Guatavita Lagoon
(Laguna de Guatavita)

click en la imagen para mas info sobre el encuentro
Colombia is the latest Northern Hemisphere country to
be visited by Harwitum. Is the end of the World Wide
Tour through the Northern energies, and therefore, the
celebration of a Sun beginning in the South. Colombia
represents the Rebirth at the Sunset; therefore our
gathering will be held there where one Solar Disc, which
was a present from the stars to Humanity since millennia
ago, is kept hidden: the Guatavita Lagoon, which means in
the native language, the End of the Tillage.

So we will together give that impulse from the North to
generate the new dawn of a new time in the Southern

August 7th, 4 pm
At the Middle of the World Monument
(la Mitad del Mundo)

From the Galapagos Islands the volcanoes energies feed
the New Time input to the High Andes that begin to raise
at the Ecuador lands. The Ecuador Line is the mark line
that shows the Southern triangle, the territory that goes
from Galapagos Islands to Belem, in Brazil, and these lines
join in the south at Cape Horn.

From there, the Middle of the World, the energies flow
to this triangle that represents entirely the Humanity
Fecundity Body and its New Vision, that´s why we are all
invited to step on both hemispheres to unify the world´s
energies, allowing them to flow to the Southern Andes.

August 18th, 6 pm
At the Cusco Cathedral
(Catedral de Cusco)

Cusco City has been the Navel of the most important South
American culture. Its centre was the capital city for the 4

kingdoms that had the Andes spread, and also was the city
that allowed the Conquest to arrive to every Inca Road.

This navel is a mountains channel, the valley where the
Spirit energy descends to the Great Woman, and it´s were
the ancient Cosco was appeased by the Inquisition energy.

That´s why we propose this Encounter, to give the Intend
to uncover this connecting via, bringing the spiritual
Wisdom from the rainforests and from Machu Picchu,
flowing through the Cosco valley to every Inca Road, in
the South.

September 1st, 3 pm
At the Christ the Redeemer statue
(Cristo Redentor)

In the country that represents the Fraternity, we will
open our arms to radiate the Condor´s Light, opening
the rainforest and quartz womb that cradles the New
Humanity energy.

The “Cristo Redentor” is one of the Conscience Images
of the Southern Dove, the Fraternity, and on that day we
will give the intend to spread to the whole continent its
frequency from our conscience, so the Brazilian lands can
begin to protect with its green wings the Great Woman´s

September 7th, at 3 pm
 (Meeting point to be determined)

Montevideo and the Southern part of Uruguay was a colony
generated basically by people who came from the Canary
Islands. This implies that the essence of the 7 planetary
chakras its present in its vibration, what makes it the
potential of the 7 basic energies we all need.

That´s why the South American Fruit´s energy anchors
at Uruguay lands, and together we must activate that
Fertility pattern from this spot, so the gestation energy
may flow across all South America through the subtle and
multiple energy of this territory.

September 9th, at 3 pm
At the Obelisk

And from there we will begin our walk to
May Square
(Plaza de Mayo)

Buenos Aires is the Capital centre of the Argentinean
Solar plexus, together wit Cordoba, but the difference
with the last one is that Buenos Aires represents the
flowing energies, the input and output of energies through
the “Río de la Plata” River.

The Obelisk, like along the whole history, represents a
connecting point between heaven and earth, which has
been misused during the last centuries.
The intend will be to positively activate it, so it will
function as the portal of what we are generating.

Plaza de Mayo is a point where the 4 elements converge,
and from where they connect with the social powers that
keep the Relationships generated by the Plexus. The intend will be to elevate the elements frequency to purge the centre where the Capitola City of Argentina born.


Diego will be in charge of travelling to the 8 different cities of Iberia (Spain and Portugal), which will act as an axis from the Heart impulse chakra, to sustain and increase the frequency of that we will activate in each Third Eye country.

We will be uploading this info as soon as we are clear about these 8 public points that will be touched at the Peninsula.s soon as we are clear about these 8 public points that will be touched at the Peninsula.



These encounters are public, and their objective is to generate a movement between the people that lies in these places, so the frequency will be continuously activated there.

Everyone who lives in these lands knows inside what 
she/ he must do for her/his land.

Harwitum takes care about passing and moving the frequency, 
but you are who must carry on the task.

Therefore we INVITE everyone to bring whatever you feel to contribute: music, singing bowls, drums, incense, fire, dance, songs… and let ourselves flow with the demand of that day´s energy.

¡Please help us to spread this Encounters through the Social Networks, Flyers, or Videos on Youtube.

¡We will be grateful!

¡Bring your spirit, your soul and your
body, the rest will naturally happen!